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Sanguan Sri

Posted date:  January 9, 2008


This restaurant (pronounced sa ngoo an see), resembling a concrete bunker filled with office furniture circa 1973, has been a longtime favourite of the the lower Sukhumvit professional set. The kitchen specializes in central and southern Thai fare, with an emphasis on sweet-savoury dishes and curries.

On a recent visit, friends Liz and Dan and I ordered khaao tang naa tang (pictured above), crispy rice cakes served with a sweet-savoury coconut milk, herb and ground pork topping. On previous visits I have had a good kaeng phet pet yaang, red curry with grilled duck breast served over khanom jeen noodles, and an interesting salad containing dried fish:


I’ve eaten here quite a few times recently, and have enjoyed each meal. This is in contrast to David Thompson, who told me he didn’t enjoy his latest visit. I urge those of you in Bangkok to stop by and let us know what you thought.

To find Sanguan Sri, enter Thanon Withayu and look for a gray, featureless building that you’ll inevitably walk past without noticing.

Sanguan Sri (Google Maps link)
59/1 Th Withayu
02 252 7637
Mon-Sat, 10am-2pm

6 Comments for Sanguan Sri

Your pics make all foods look mouthwatering….I catch myself drooling sometimes looking at your blog :).

Nice Thai food….and really great photography:)

They look very tasty. I miss Thai food. I wish I was in Thailand.

Your blog is very informative. Thank you.

Oooo.. is it still there?? Used to eat there when I worked in the area.. love all their food!

Since it’s been a while, I thought I’d add a little update on this place. A visit this morning produced some dishes that were stellar and some, well, that were not. We arrived for an early lunch at 11:15, but were just finishing up when the floodgates opened and the lunch crowd poured in at noon. Quiet, patient service turned into only partly organized chaos, with people ten deep at the counter trying to get a table and servers hauling dishes and passing by in a blur attempting to feed the masses. We attempted to pay three times to vacate our table and even
at the desk they couldn’t find our bill. We had to recite the dished we’d ordered until they found a slip that sounded more or less like what we’d eaten.

I’d go back and try more dishes but my friend was less convinced. Based on this article we ordered the crispy rice crackers and found the sauce very tasty but very sweet. The dried fish salad was way too salty but was an interesting idea. Drained of its dressing and eaten with rice it was pretty good. Ditto the spicy beef salad, a plain green lettuce salad with nicely cooked beef, fresh chilis and a healthy dose of naamplaa. The hoy tood fried oysters instead of being fried in a lacy batter were folded into a weirdly stale inedibe batter shell. The exracted oysters and bean sprout garnish were pleasant enough though. Our plain omelette delivered no surprises but with so much on the menu it was a strange suggestion when we asked for something tasty. The fish cakes, also recommended, weren’t anything special. The green chicken curry was a definite hit.

Based on the things that were good, I’d give it another shot, going for more curries and simmered dishes. Its location is central and our long bill, easily enough food for three (or maybe even four) people with more modest appetites,
came in at less than 450B. Just come early or after the lunch crowd has cleared out.

Vincent: Yeah, my last couple visits here have been similarly hit and miss. The place is incredibly popular and crowded at lunchtime — I reckon it’s best to arrive a bit earlier.

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