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Sam Euay Nong

Posted date:  March 20, 2010

 Naem khao at Sam Euay Nong, a restaurant in Vientiane, Laos

Sam Euay Nong (‘Three Sisters’) is a cheery, tidy family-run place in central Vientiane. They do a handful of simple Lao/Vietnamese dishes, ranging from tam mak hung, Lao-style papaya salad, to khao poon nam jaew, thin rice noodles in broth with pork and bamboo, all of which are full of flavour and well executed, but my favourite dish of theirs is probably naem khao.

The dish, shown above, is an unusual combination of deep-fried balls of rice and sour pork skin/meat, the former shown at the bottom of the pic below, and the latter, wrapped in banana leaf, at the top:

Ingredients for naem khao at Sam Euay Nong, a restaurant in Vientiane, Laos

The rice and pork are mashed together with seasonings including fish sauce, lime juice, MSG, sugar and peanuts, and served with a platter of greens and herbs. The greens are very Lao, and include butter lettuce (very popular here) cilantro, an unidentified sour leaf, banana flower and phak hom laap, an herb that, to my mind, combines the flavours of both mint and Thai basil. Wrapping the rice mixture in a lettuce leaf along with the herbs and a bit of chili, you get a bit of everything: meat, crunch, spice, salt and greens. Brilliant.

Han Sam Euay Nong
Th Chao Anou (next door to Lao Orchid Hotel)

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5 Comments for Sam Euay Nong

Nice to see a little more possitivity Austin, and nice to see you getting beyond the soups, laaps and som tam. Keep eating!

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Yum! I love nam khao! looks really good too. Thanks for the great pix. Keep’em coming.

I love nam khao. I stayed at Lao Orchid and notice this little eatery on the corner but for whatever reason I did not go there. It must be very popular because the place is always packed with the local.
I made a mistake by eating at those restaurant by the river. My advice to anyone is not to go eat there. What a rip off. I told one of the worker back at Lao Orchid and they told I should have gone to Sam Euay Nong. Maybe next time.

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