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Real Phat Thai

Posted date:  January 5, 2007

I have a post at the Lonely Planet Blog about Thailand’s most famous dish. Take a look, leave a comment.

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Hey Austin,

You wrote the Bangkok Lonely Planet guide? That’s so cool…I will have to buy the book and you can autograph for me. 😉

Nice phat post about Pad Thai. The Pad Thai in the US is not very nice…too sweet and too much fish sauce for my taste. I like my fried noodles greasier (ala Penang Char Kway Teow style) and spicy. But the Pad Thai I had in the old BKK Airport was good. 🙂

Bee: I am an LP writer, but I’ve never contributed to the Bangkok guide (maybe in the future?). I’m still willing to provide my autograph though!

Personally I think char kway teow is much more delicious than phat thai!

Hasss, what are you going to eat in thailand. I think nothing special at all except HOT food and Hot girls…. all are chilli

I eat both of them but I still prefer Pad Thai than Char Kway Teow as in it is too oily for me. But I love Fried Prawn Mee the most–I just like the yummy yellow noodle.

I know Austin is LP Writer and that why I knew your blog. I am so astonished by those photos of Laos food. They remind me of my childhood and where I was raised up. Also, they make me realize something that it is very wonderful. Thanks for making those photos and sharing with the others.

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