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Raan Rot Det

Posted date:  April 2, 2006

Raan Rot Det (“bold taste shop”) is the name of a curry stall at Or Tor Kor market that I’ve been eating at for years:

The food isn’t amazing, but it’s consistently good, and there’s an amazing variety of curries, fried dishes and soups:

I tend to order the same things, and here what I had last time I stopped by:

At 12:00 is a stir fry of tofu with ground pork and kheun chai, Chinese celery; at 3:00 is kaeng khii lek, a southern-style coconut curry that combines the bitter leaves of the khii lek tree and grilled fish; and at 6:00 phak khanaa kale/chinese broccoli fried with oyster sauce and barbecued crispy pork belly.

3 Comments for Raan Rot Det

Hello Austin,

Kaeng khii lek with coconut milk and grilled fish, beef or pork is not just a southern thing. I am from the central part (Lop Buri province). We had that all the time especially for Ngan Tum Boon at the temple.

I really miss Kaeng khii lek with fish. It is very hard to find good canned khii lek leaves here in Ohio.



Nongfah: Yes, kaeng khii lek can be found all over Thailand, but I think it’s usually associated with southern cooking, isn’t it? You’re right, the fish kind is best. I really love the version that uses grilled plaa samlii! Mmmmm…

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