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Pre-game nosh

Posted date:  May 19, 2007
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While in Stockholm I accompanied my friends to a couple soccer matches. My friends are big fans of AIK, one of three Stockholm teams in the Swedish league, and hold season tickets. One of their pre-game rituals, other than two warm beer to cool their nerves, involves dinner at a kebab restaurant near the stadium in Solna. Having consumed kebab earlier on my trip, I followed my friend Ola’s lead and ordered the “vegetable plate”:


This took the form of various deep-fried veggies: eggplant, cauliflower, onions and falafel, served over a massive heap of saffron rice (or French fries), with sides of hummus and a yogurt sauce. The image above doesn’t do a good job of illustrating the sheer vastness of the plate, and I was only able to eat about 75% of it. It was tasty, but incredibly salty, and at about $10, isn’t exactly a “deal” for fast food, but that’s Sweden.

Here’s Ola devouring his:


He finished it.

During the game the only food option is korv, Swedish-style sausages:


a food I will soon document in detail at the Lonely Planet website.

To see more of the images I took at the game, go over to my newish photoblog, The Old Main Drag.

Comment for Pre-game nosh

i am actually glad that Swedes have not really taken to the idea of “fast food” besides the occasional korv med brod or korv med mousse, unlike the rest of the world with their burgers and french fries. i also find it fascinating that they tend to eat things like nachos with cutlery instead of using their fingers.

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