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Pok Pok

Posted date:  October 23, 2007

I was recently forwarded this New York Times article about dining in Portland, Oregon (one of my three ‘hometowns’, along with Bangkok and Stockholm). Other than making me slightly homesick, I was surprised to learn that a Thai restaurant is among those currently creating a buzz back at home. I did a bit of research and found that Pok Pok, the restaurant mentioned, serves not just Thai, but ahaan isaan, northeastern-style Thai food. The self-proclaimed ‘shack’ was also voted the Oregonian’s Restaurant of the Year. Two detailed and generally favourable blog reviews can be seen here and here (I particularly like this bit: “Fortunately the lighting is is much better than what you’d typically find in Thailand.”). Sounds very interesting. Has anybody been?

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I live about 4 blocks from Pok Pok and eat there at least once a week. Funny that your post below mentions Khao Soi- it is one of my faorite things they make. Check out the menu online- it is all fabulous and fresh and is my only fix of it’s kind. I haven’t found food like Andy’s outside of Thailand.

Pok Pok rules! In a town where there’s a Thai restaurant on every block, they stand out with a succinct menu offering unusual dishes, all done expertly.

But they also do more than Thai food. Two of my favorite dishes there are the Vietnamese fish sauce wings and Cha Ca La Vong, a Vietnamese fish dish. That’s not to disparage their awesome Thai dishes, though! Their hoi thawt and khao soi rival what I’ve had in Thailand.

In short, you should definitely pay it a visit on your next trip! But be warned: the wait can be excruciatingly long — especially when you’re standing there smelling all that good food!

Yes. See my comment on the post below this one.


And today I received the new edition of the Swedish mag Allas with a fullpage photo of “Cicki” at two star restaurant Edsbacka, You have got a great smile from her on Your very good portrait.
Forward Your correct adress in Bankok to my mail Austin and I send You the paper.

pok pok?!? funny how two different cultures have the exact same word for two very different concepts – the other not exactly palatable. in my souteast asian country, this word means a woman selling herself at night.


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