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Pok Pok on The Splendid Table

Posted date:  November 12, 2008

Laap khua, 'fried laap', as served at a restaurant in Phrae

Andy Ricker, owner of Pok Pok, the lauded Portland, Oregon…Asian? restaurant (just don’t call Thai–listen to find out why), was recently interviewed on NPR’s The Splendid Table. Episode available here.

I really like his approach to making this kind of food, and the dishes sound fantastic. Just wish I could eat there… In the interview Andy mentions northern Thai-style laap and mustard leaves, both pictured above.

2 Comments for Pok Pok on The Splendid Table

is that northern-style laap? my experience with northern laap is pretty simple, and pretty unappetizing: a bowl of cubed raw beef and blood, and a plate of herbs. how is the version pictured above different from isaan-style laap?

The above is ‘laap khua’, ‘fried’ laap. The raw beef (no blood) is mixed with a special mixture of dried spices before being fried briefly. The meat in isaan-style laap is usually par-boiled (or raw) and no dried spices are used.

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