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Posted date:  August 10, 2009

Bánh mì at Phương, a stall in Hoi An, Vietnam

I must admit that of the reasons I was most excited to visit Vietnam was because I knew I’d be able to consume bánh mì, Vietnamese-style baguette sandwiches, on a daily basis. This dish is virtually non-existent in Bangkok, and is in my opinion, the perfect sandwich. Unfortunately, other than coincidentally stumbling across the same delicious bánh mì in Saigon that was mentioned at EatingAsia, most bánh mì I encountered during my week in Vietnam were hastily put together and not entirely delicious.

This was until I arrived in Hoi An and came across Phương. Judging by the throng of impatient customers alone, I knew this would be the bánh mì I had been expecting:

Phương, a bánh mì stall in Hoi An, Vietnam

I ordered bánh mì pâté, a crispy submarine of bread filled, assembly line-style, with peppery pork liver pâté, slices of barbecued pork, thin slices of cucumber and tomato, a few sprigs of cilantro, hot pepper sauce and a final sprinkling of Maggi:

Making bánh mì at Phương, a stall in Hoi An, Vietnam

The result was crispy, meaty, oily, spicy and veggie; essentially everything a sandwich should be.

Near corner of Bạch Đằng and Nguyễn Duy Hiệu, Hội An

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6 Comments for Phương

Austin, If you EVER find anything like these anywhere in Thailand, could you please let us know? I see where they’ve really taken the US by storm and I have several recipes but having never had the real thing, I have no idea whether the recipes are anything like what we see in the photo or not. They look delicious.

Now If they could just figure out a way to put Khao Soi in a baguette…

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Austin, that little shop brings back my (only) fond memories of eating in Hoi An. I found it by luck several years ago, and their sandwiches were really superb. Glad to see they’re still feeding the masses.

Austin, love your photos and write up Phuong. I also had a great experience there. I posted an entry on my blog about Phuong.


[…] will surprise no one, having been featured on international television and hyped to death on the Internet, but Phương’s bánh mì in Hoi An really is the best I’ve ever had. […]

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