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Pattaya: Time Out

Posted date:  August 12, 2007


Immediately after eating copious amounts of seafood at Tankay, we obviously required dessert. This turned out to be a no-brainer, as just across the street from the restaurant were two interesting looking gelato bars. Peach, Leew and I decided to try the one called Time Out, while all the others went into Italia, mostly because Mr. Noo described it as having a more “milky” smell.

Here’s Peach and Leew choosing their flavours at Time Out, a process that involved considerable time and tasting:


I had rum raisin, as always, and found it more than acceptable. I’m pretty sure the girls enjoyed theirs.

And back at Italia, Pongston also appeared to enjoy his decision:


I wish there was more of this kind of ice cream in Bangkok…

Time Out
Walking Street, Pattaya
06 341 3500

7 Comments for Pattaya: Time Out

I LOVED IT! I wish the shop establishes other branches in Bangkok so I can go there everyday after my yoga session!
P.S – Lovely models you’ve got there Austin! hahahahahah


mediterranean recipes ???


best recipes on the world….

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vother.com admin

Well, lucky you ‘again’! Seems like I will have a steam fish with soy dressing tonight after seeing your blog today. May someone tell me how to cook this dish?

peach: come to think of it, there is a similar chain of Italian-style ice cream shops in Bangkok called Gelate. And get this; I get a 50% discount!

Yes, but in Bangkok you are blessed with iberry, a fortune itself, no?

On Walking Street in Pattaya, where TimeOut Gelato ice-cream parlour used to be, is a Turkish kebab shop now.

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