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Pan Yo Ma

Posted date:  September 6, 2013


To be honest, I found the tea at Pan Yo Ma, ‘Flower Mountain’ (thanks, Meemalee), a teashop in central Mawlamyine, in Myanmar’s Mon State, a bit sweet for my taste.


But I was blown away by the care that goes into making each cup, not to mention the shop’s classic interior:


The old man making the tea here is the second generation to do so, and I found his meticulous approach — it takes him about two minutes to assemble a cup of tea — a vivid illustration of how tea is made in a Burmese teashop:

I counted eight steps:

1. Rinse cups in boiling water
2. Add sweetened condensed milk
3. Add evaporated milk
4. Add tea
5. Stir
6. Pour between two cups to cool tea and create a froth
7. Garnish with even more evaporated milk
8. Plate on clean saucers and serve


Although it must be noted that not every teashop takes this much care. Nor, thankfully, does every teashop use this much sweetened condensed milk.

Pan Yo Ma
Lower Main Road, Mawlamyine, Mon State, Myanmar

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What a delicacy!!!Thanks for make me remember the amazing burmese teas…

My brother and I are heading to Myanmar next weekend. We are heading to Yangon, Sittwe/Mrauk U and Mawlamyine. I am taking careful notes on your posts and will be checking out your suggestions for food/ dining. I am SO hungry it hurt.

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