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Paa Thong Ko Sawoey

Posted date:  November 2, 2007


Still in the Thanon Tanao area of Banglamphu, virtually across the street from K. Phanich and Nom Jo (I told you there’s a lot of good stuff to eat here), exists a second-generation shop that specializes in making one product: paa thong ko. Essentially deep-fried bits of dough, it’s a simple dish, and the owner has been making them in the same place for fifty years, taking over from his parents after they were too old to run the business.

The paa thong ko are served with a sweet milk-based dipping sauce flavoured with (and turned green by) bai toey, pandanus:


They are best eaten right away, when they’re still hot, but I was surprised to find that the paa thong ko remained relatively crispy a good half hour after we bought them.

Paa Thong Ko Sawoey (Google Maps link)
540 Thanon Tanao
02 222 2635

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this remainded me my breakfast in Hatyaii…yummy

hi, the green mixture is made with Pandan, coconut milk, sugar. Its call Kaya in south asia.

the fried thing, is originally known as Fried Fritters, from China.

/Singapore reader/

I think it’s called “Sang Ka Ya” in Thai. I miss those stuff. Thai people are so lucky to have so many kinds of food (good food) really to enjoy.

I don’t know how you take these kind of pictures, hawkers, roadside food stalls, food, markets, etc. When I take out my camera in Penang, everyone just looks at me like an alien. I was so shy and embarassed….

Austin – These look identical to ‘quay’, served with ‘pho’ in Hanoi. I’m addicted to them when I have my Sat and Sun morning pho.

Austin – I was just wondering if you could verify what the recipe for the green dipping sauce is? I was under the impression that it was based on sweetened condensed milk (which, I assumed from the color, had been mixed with Pandan). This is the first time I’ve seen a reference to Kaya.

i’ve just made paa thong ko [ we called it Cakoi] this morning
with both kaya n sweet chilli dip..
accompanied with ‘kopi-o-panas’..
outta the world! 😀


rasa malaysia..
if u are a ‘mat salleh’..the crowds definitely wont give u that look…:D

paa thong ko goes veri veri well with sweetened condensed milk too..:)
Durian ‘kaya’ is even better..

Yes, Condensed milk and more sugar, its how we eat during our childhood.

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