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Pa Tong Go/ปาท่องโก๋

Posted date:  July 10, 2011
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Pa Tong Go is a longstanding (open since 1933), open-air place in Bangkok’s Banglamphu neighbourhood, a couple blocks away from Khao San Road.

The restaurant serves a pretty predictable repertoire of Chinese-Thai/Bangkok-style dishes, from noodles to rice topped with crispy pork belly (illustrated above). They’re OK, but the restaurant’s specialty, and the real reason to eat here, is the paa thong ko (ปาท่องโก๋ – the menu calls them “Grilled Chinese Donut”) deep-fried bits of dough:


The difference here is after being deep-fried, the paa thong ko are briefly grilled, making them even crispier than freshly deep-fried paa thong ko. The sangkhayaa (they call this “coconut jam”) is fragrant and not too sweet, and they also do a savoury version, well as a dish of paa thong ko served with ice cream.

And if you still haven’t reached your paa thong ko limit, you’re withing walking distance of Paa Thong Ko Sawoey.

Pa Tong Go
Cnr Th Phra Sumen & Th Sip Sam Hang
Lunch & dinner

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I love the vibrant pictures of food (and sights!) that I have no access to, living in a city that doesn’t have a very strong Southeast Asian presence. Thank you kindly for sharing. Perhaps one day, I can go there and experience a fraction of the many interesting people and places you have shown here!

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