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Now Open!

Posted date:  March 25, 2010
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 The new Swensens and Pizza Company, Vientiane, Laos

Swensens and the Pizza Company officially opened yesterday in Vientiane. They’re the first branches of an international fast-food franchise to open in Laos, although it’s worth mentioning that this sort of Western food has been available in Vientiane for a while. At least they didn’t pull a China or Russia and put them up near some sacred historical district or monument; the restaurants sit virtually next door to the equally tasteless Lao National Culture Hall.

Comment for Now Open!

It is a VERY SAD DAY for Laos, the invasion of the Int’l Junk Foods Industries has started. Laos is no longer the last frontier vacation destination. I guess next would be Mc Donald, Pizza Hut, KFC, Popeyes, 7-11, etc,… LAOS will become just another Asian Shopping Mall filled with foreign companies serving junk foods. Sad, so sad,….

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