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North and South

Posted date:  June 17, 2006
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Was at the venerable Or Tor Kor Market again this afternoon for lunch and a spot of shopping. Since the recent rennovation, the old Or Tor Kor is becoming a more and more interesting place to eat. Today’s lunch involved eats from the polar opposite ends of Thailand; the cool north and the spicy south.

Starting in the north, I downed a bowl of khanom jeen naam ngiaow, a spaghetti-like sauce of pork and tomatoes served over thin rice noodles:


These were served up by a lady from Chiang Rai in the far north of Thailand. Here’s the old gal dishing up another bowl:


A single bowl of noodles generally not being enough, we decided to move to the stall next door, which served southern-style food. Khuat ordered kaeng tai plaa, “fish kidney curry”, a really freaking spicy curry that tastes much better than it sounds, served over the same rice noodles:


I ordered the same curry, along with a side of khua kling neua, beef simmered in curry paste, served over rice:


Also really freaking spicy.

Here are the shopowners, two ladies from Phuket, in the midst of a lot of predominately orange-colored, really freaking spicy southern Thai food:


Comment for North and South

What a pleasure to look at – it must be equally good or still better to eat! Freakin’ hot, I believe it. But I’m dying to meet such a dish; when last I rolled around on the floor crying (yet happy) from spice it was a jar of “Kick yo ass hot” salsa, jacked up with a tablespoon of habanero sauce.

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