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Noodle re-run

Posted date:  August 1, 2006

Today’s lunch was taken at a local noodle joint that I’ve previously described here. Don’t normally like to do reruns, but this place has a great dish that I’ve only recently discovered. The dish is called hoy jor, and looks like this:


Hoy jor is ground pork mixed with crab and copious black pepper, which is then wrapped in a tofu skin and deep-fried. It’s similiar to the dish mentioned here, and is essentially a protein-based spring roll. The dish is served with a sweetish plum dipping sauce that is easily forgettable, but the hoy jor itself is crispy outside and tender inside, and has so much pepper it’s almost spicy. Very good–we usually get two dishes.

Another thing I ordered that I usually don’t is crysanthemum juice:


Don’t think I’ll be doing that again. Way too sweet, and tastes like a Chinese apothecary smells!

And I couldn’t resist the usual, kwaytiao khae:


The meatballs and fishballs (there are about five different kinds) here are outstanding.

3 Comments for Noodle re-run

I am surprised that “hoi cho” is found in Thailand too. I’m from Kalimantan and we have this dish in most Chinese restaurants. Hoi cho is a Tio Chew (a dialect group of Chinese) phrase, I wonder if the seller in Thailand is a Tio Chew too?

I think you’re spot on: most people of Chinese ancestry in Thailand are of the tae jiw minority, and so many of the dishes and their names come from this dialect!

Where in Kalimantan are you? I was in Borneo (Sarawak) a couple years ago.

Hey Austin,
I was from the West Kalimantan, the Indonesia’s part. It’s an 8 hrs drive up to Kuching.

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