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Nittaya Curry Shop

Posted date:  January 25, 2008


Many Thai dishes begin with a thick, pungent paste, typically combining chilies, garlic, shallots and sometimes dried spices. These pastes are known as phrik kaeng or khrueang kaeng, and in the past, were made at home, using a mortar and pestle. Nowadays, at least in Bangkok, most people skip this time-consuming step and buy pre-made pastes. There are lots of brands out there, but if you’re lucky enough to live near Banglamphu, you can get yours at Nittaya.

Having made curry pastes for several decades now, Nittaya has quite a reputation. They’ve got everything here, from ready-to-go matsaman paste, to an excellent nam phrik phao. The curry pastes are kept in covered containers:


although this does little to mask the…delicious odour. They’re sold by weight, and the staff can even put your choice into a leak-proof tube.

Nittaya also sells heaps of prepared curries and other dishes:

(To see a larger version of this pic, go here.)

Nittaya Curry Shop (Google Maps link)
136-40 Th Chakhraphong
02 282 8212

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reminds me a little of all the different moles you can buy in the groceries in Mexico

I was go to Thailand last year: Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Mae Hong Son and Phi Phi islands. Thailand is a great country, with a big culture and majestuosity.

Best regards from Barcelona, Spain.

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I love their curry pastes. I’m lucky that I’m able to get them in New York. While homemade is always the best, sometimes I just can’t be bothered making my own.

Thank you so much for putting those pictures of Nittaya up. Reminds me of my parents and none of us live in Thailand anymore.

Wow, I wish I was in this curry shop right now. Can’t wait to go to Thailand one day. Thank you so much for your awesome blog, I’ll experience Thailand through you!

I love your site and photos – they’re so inspiring. I’m actually discovering how to make fresh curry paste – but would like to know more about Thai curry paste. Any good recipes that you’d like to share? Thanks!

Nittaya Curry Shop has a branch around the Pinklao area too, just before the old Southern Bus Terminal. I love their fresh herbal juices!

hi guys, have been reading your blog for the last six months, keep up the good work. I lived in Thailand for two periods in the early 90s. This was enough for me to begin a change in career, and I left nursing to train as a chef, so I could cook Thai food, which I subsequently did. I have since returned back to nursing, but I still have a strong interest in Thai cooking. I have been compiling a list of some of my favorite recipes. They can be found on my blog. Keep up the good work.

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Oh..I don’t know that Nittaya has other branch in Bangkok as well. Thanks for the information. I love Nittaya’s product specifically its taste. Enjoy Thai Food. We are so proud of!!

Like the new look of austinbushphotography.com, never see you on skype anymore, whats up?


I’m going back soon–will stop by Nittaya too. I really miss real Thai food–can’t wait to eat everything. 🙂

we are currently in bangkok and thanks to realthai visited nittaya curry shop yesterday. not to forget that we also bought a lot of curry pastes and shrimp paste there – and now need to buy a new suitcase for our flight back to vienna/austria this week. again thanks for the recommendation!

Hi Austin, great blog! For those of you who cannot make it to Bangkok you can buy these same curry pastes online in the USA: http://templeofthai.com/food/fresh_curry_paste/

I have heard so much about nittayathai curry paste. I run a PAN ASIAN restaurant which a thai section also. My chef is also from thailand and he recommended nittaya. Kinldy let me know how I can source thhese in New delhi. any email address

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