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A nice view of Bangkok

Posted date:  April 24, 2006

This week’s nice view is from the Dome at State Tower:

This is the Chao Phraya River just before it heads out to sea. Actually, most of Bangkok is behind you; what you see here is actually the province of Thonburi. The Dome is a conglomeration of two restaurants and a bar, and is arguably Bangkok’s hottest place to eat right now. Haven’t eaten there yet–only been up to take photos for a magazine–but hope to get there soon. Will let you know how it is.

4 Comments for A nice view of Bangkok

Oh… I miss Bangkok so much ! I had almost the same view from my room when I worked in Bkk.
Your blog is so nice, remember me lots of smells and tastes.
Thanks !

Oh ! In fact, I see my hotel on your picture ! The one in white, at the very bottom of your picture. So, it is really the same view lol ! What a coincidence !

My thaï-stay in a few words and pics: http://www.san-in-asia.over-blog.com

Glad you enjoy the blog. Sounds like you stayed in a hotel with a nice view! The view from my room here is of a bunch of trees (although in Bangkok, that’s actually not a bad sight!).


i have plan to bangkok on april and iam still looking information beautiful place for my hobby photograpy…

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