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Nay Lek (Uan)

Posted date:  April 22, 2008
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Kuay jap at Naay Uan, a stall in Bangkok's Chinatown

Arguably Bangkok’s most popular hawker stall, Naay Uan’s recipe for success must lie in its simplicity. His kuay jap, a basic but delicious soup of of pork offal, thick rice noodles and broth draws literally hundreds of hungry diners to Chinatown every night:

Hungry diners at Naay Uan, a stall in Bangkok's Chinatown

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But that broth… Naay Uan’s kuay jap broth is probably the most pepper-intense dish I’ve ever consumed. The guy must pour bags of ground white pepper into his broth, leaving the diner with a mildly burning, spicy sensation. For me this is the highlight, but I think most people come for the meat, which includes your choice of pork heart, stomach, tongue or crispy deep-fried pork.

Cnr Soi 11 & Th Yaowarat (Google Maps link)
02 224 3450

Comment for Nay Lek (Uan)

it is very addictive. many years ago, i went there one night with a friend and saw him sweat while he was eating this. i bought one for to go and I always think about it every time i have craving for kuay jab… too bad i don’t leave in thailand now. my choice of meat would be pork with crispy skin, liver and kidney… yum…

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