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Naam phrik kapi

Posted date:  August 7, 2007


Today I found myself at the food court of Carrefour Rama IV. As with most food courts, there’s a lot to eat there: Muslim food, yen ta fo noodles, Thai-Chinese eats, laad naa, curries and much, much more. All in all, it’s a pretty average Bangkok food court, albeit on a slightly grander scale. However despite all these choices, I can never resist one particular dish when I see it. I’m a huge fan of veggies, and this dish has heaps. I also love fish and spicy stuff, and they’re both there as well. And I don’t like being locked into one single taste or flavour, and this dish has lots of variety.

The dish is naam phrik kapi, a ‘dip’ of shrimp paste mashed up with garlic, sugar, chilies and lime juice. The dip is served with rice, fresh vegetables, including green beans, wing beans and eggplants, par-boiled veggies, including cabbage, buap (a type of gourd), pumpkin, Chinese greens, and deep-fried battered eggplant, an omelet laced with cha om (a pungent herblike green), and perhaps most importantly, an entire battered and deep-fried mackerel.

Nam phrik kapi is a very Thai dish that tends to be served at people’s homes, rather than at restaurants. It’s also a dish that I don’t see too many foreigners eating. If you happen to be at a food court and see something that looks like the above, do try it. You might find the naam phrik spicy, but you can always just take a bit less. If you don’t happen to have a Thai food court at hand, recipes for naam phrik kapi can be found here and here.

6 Comments for Naam phrik kapi

Your Namm phrik kapi just take my breath away.

I eat this and its variations at work every week or so. Many of my foreign co-workers take one look and leave.

I am learning so much through your posts.

You are amazing! You can make a humble nam prik sounds very metro. Have you tried som tum pla ra? What will be a Thai dish that you would say no to?

By the way, I don’t know whether I would love or hate your blog. Yeb, it makes me hungry just to look at the photos!

Hi, Just to confirm how much I dislike your blog ;). I cannot resist myself to check what will be the next menu on this virtual restuarant. I already made myself nam prik kapi for lunch today!! You are lucky to live in the land of fresh herbs and millions varities of amazing vegetables and greens. Thanks for making my home closer to me just a finger tip :).

When I lived in Bangkok in the 80’s I ate this dish all the time! I loved it. (But my breath didn’t!)I do miss it though and I miss living in Thailand.:(
I love your pictures, but makes me too hungry….at work.

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