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Na Thon

Posted date:  March 2, 2008

I’m on Ko Samui, doing the photos for Lonely Planet’s upcoming Ko Samui Encounter guide. I have a big fat list of places I have to shoot, but the good thing about doing this job is when I come across something interesting I can usually just shoot away. This happened when I was taking photos of Na Thon, Samui’s main port. It was sunset, and several ships had docked and were unloading fish:

Unloading fish at Na Thon, Ko Samui's main pier.

A bit later, the remaining natural light mixed with the fluorescent and tungsten lights of the boats to create a pretty cool effect:

A fishing boat at Na Thon, Ko Samui's largest pier.

If you look closely, you can see that they are filling the boat with ice, which also added an interesting element to the pic.

2 Comments for Na Thon

Hey Austin,

Beautiful blues on this pic. I like any picture about fish or fishing.

I also like your new look. What about Real Thai?
You just changed the name, right? The old main drag? I guess you just changed the names, but the content is the same.
Nice look.



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