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More Noodles

Posted date:  April 2, 2006

Casual readers of RealThai must get the impression I’m noodle obsessed. In fact, I hadn’t hardly eaten noodles at all the first several years I worked here. I always found Thai noodle dishes too sweet, and the various pork/beef/fish balls that seem to accompany such dishes are, for the most part, shockingly nasty. In recent years I’ve opened up a bit and have found a few noodle dishes I really enjoy, including the topic of this entry, kwaytiao khae. I’ve mentioned this particular dish before here and here, and recently noticed a new shop not far from my house selling the stuff. Well, despite it’s rather attractive appearance:

this was by far the worst bowl I’ve yet to encounter. If kwaytiao khae was served on board airplanes or in hospitals, this is what it would taste like. The broth was institutional and tasteless, and the various ball products tough, chewy and tasteless.

Khuat didn’t have much better to say about her yen ta fo:

When I get a chance, I plan to feature the best kwaytiao khae I’ve had yet, which is sold virtualy on the side of the road in Chinatown. Please be patient.

3 Comments for More Noodles

Mate, I am drooling right now going over the food on your blog!

I worked in thailand for the most part of 2003 and since returning home (Australia), I haven’t found half as good (or cheap!) Thai anywhere!

Kwaytiao was one of my staple meals working in the central, northern and eastern provinces! I literally wake up in the middle of the night with cravings for the stuff… but then again, maybe it is the MSG 😉

Well, thanks for posting on this- im in the process of trying to construct my own kwaytiao out of asian foods here at home.


No problem–let us know if you have any questions regarding recipes!


Great Site! I’m hoping you can help me track down a soup which I have forgotten the name of.
You can buy it almost anywhere from street stalls in Thailand and it has a clear, perhaps chicken stock base. I think it has rice noodles and you can add beef, pork, chicken or fish balls. You then add your own fresh ingredients such as coriander and mung beans.
I know it is a basic soup, but when I’m not in Thailand I get a craving for it:)Oh and there is a store near the weekend Markets that sells it.

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