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More Myanmar

Posted date:  April 1, 2006

Spent another Saturday morning in the company of Daw Than Than Myint and John Parker eating Burmese food. This time it was mohinga:

a thick, fish-based broth that is often considered the national dish of Myanmar. The noodles used are similar to the fermented rice noodles known in Thailand as khanom jeen, and the broth fortified with ground fish, shallots/onions, and the edible soft pith from the innermost stalks of the banana tree. In Myanmar this is usually accompanied with the fresh veggies seen in the pic, as well as a kyaw, crsipy deep fried vegetables. Daw Than Than Myint claims this is the best mohinga in Bangkok.

Our Mohinga was taken with wetha lon kyaw, literally “fried pork balls”:

ground pork mixed with herbs and spices and deep-fried. They are taken with the spicy/sour dipping sauce seen in the background. Personally, I found this a bit unusual, as the Burmese aren’t real big meat eaters, and I can’t recall having come across any dishes using pork in Myanmar. Perhaps it’s some sort of adaptation made for Thailand?

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Scrumptious looking…Thanks for sharing!
Hugs from Panama 🙂

Wow… I think you’re one of a distinct minority of people (other than the Burmese) who consider Myanmar food “scrumptious looking”.

Your ceviche recipe looks interesting, think I’ll try it out soon!


Mohinga – the traditional meal served at new year! 13-17 April

My family is Burmese and yes although they eat a lot of veggie food they do eat pork and chicken occasionally.

I have got my uncle to show me a lot of Burmese cooking & written it down.

I think it’s very scrummy!

Hi Austin,

I don’t know where you were eating in Burma but Burmese people REALLY REALLY REALLY love pork, to the extent that they make jokes about feeling malnourished through lack of it (I’m Burmese by the way).

There’s even a Burmese saying that can be translated as:

“For fruit, the mango is king; for meat, pork is king; and for vegetables, pickled tea leaf is king”.

Yeah, I know that’s not very catchy, but it rhymes in Burmese…

Myanmar food is definitely delicious and looks delicious too. There is such a variety of it as well. I am not Burmese but Burmese is pretty much my favorite food. I am a chef but I have learned so much from Burmese cuisine. I miss it like crazy every time I am out of the country. The only breakfast I will ever eat it Burmese breakfasts. I get so excited to try out a different thing every morning I am happily up at 6am to make sure I don’t miss out!

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