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Mister Jo

Posted date:  September 22, 2010


Over the last few months, I’ve done several articles for CNNGo’s Bangkok pages on Thai dishes that resident foreigners (and sometime even resident natives) may not familiar with, and a few recommended places to sample them. So far I’ve covered kaeng karii, khao khluk kapi, khanom jeen nam ngiaw, kuytiaw luy suan and kuaytiaw khua kai. At the moment I’m at work on one about kuay jap nam sai, the Chinese/Thai dish that combines pork offal and a peppery broth. Of the six or so restaurants and stalls I’ve investigated for the piece, my favourite was probably Mister Jo.


Kuay jap is based around pork offal (heart, tongue, intestines, liver, spleen), but the crispy pork belly is what can make or break a restaurant. Mister Jo’s pork belly is so good that it’s also available separately, served on plates with a soy sauce dipping sauce. The broth is peppery — as a good kuay jap broth should be — but not assertively so, and was probably the most balanced of the various places I visited. Unusually, it includes squares of tender pork skin. And unlike most places serving kuay jap, Mister Jo is open during the day. As a result, it’s crazy popular, and you’ll almost certainly have to navigate a lengthy queue of to-go orders simply to step foot inside the restaurant.

Stay tuned to CNNGo Bangkok’s Eat page to see the entire list of kuay jap nam sai stalls and restaurants I found.

Mister Jo
313/7 Th Chan, Bangkok

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2 Comments for Mister Jo

I don’t know man… I honestly can’t imagine a bowl of kuay jap tasting any better than the one you recommended here http://www.austinbushphotography.com/2008/04/naay-uan.html

One of the best things I ate in Thailand. And finished with a chaser of the awesome roasted chestnuts that conveniently litter the streets around the same area.

Good to hear from you, Matt. I really like Nay Uan’s, particularly because it’s so spicy, but this one is a bit more balanced and nuanced.

By the way, I was recently in Hong Kong and bought the s90. I like the size and ease of functions, but am spoiled by having used full-frame digital SLRs for a while now, and am a bit disappointed by the amount of noise at ISO 400.

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