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Menu For Hope III

Posted date:  December 11, 2006


I’m slightly somewhat late here, but I’d like to help spread the word about Menu for Hope III. This is a program that raises money for the UN World Food Program. Last year’s run was apparently the world’s largest online food auction, and raised just over $17,000!

The idea is simple: we, the foodbloggers, offer cool prizes, and you, the readers bid on them. Hungry people receive the money. My contribution is a six-hour food tour of Bangkok (idea courtesy of Pim). This is a custom tour I’ve developed myself that takes in two of Bangkok’s most vibrant markets, some well-respected restaurants and street stalls, as well as some other interesting, but non food-related sights. I’ll fork out for all the transportation and meals, and provide lively conversation and insightful insight. The code for this prize is AP44.

As tempting as this sounds, there are other prizes as well, and to see a full list of what is being offered by Asia-Pacific bloggers have a look here. For the entire list, visit Pim. Once you’ve decided what you’re interested in, break out the plastic, remember the code of the prize you want and buy as many $10 raffle tickets as you can afford at Firstgiving, the entity handling all the money.

The campaign is scheduled to run from now until Friday 22nd, 6PM PST. So buy your raffle tickets now!

5 Comments for Menu For Hope III

Glad to see you’ve joined the campaign. Even here in Thailand, hunger is a big issue. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization, 22 percent of Thailand’s population is undernourished. That far exceeds the overall figure, 12 percent, for Southeast Asia as a whole.

Hi David. Love the prize. Is there an expiration date for the tour’s availability? I’d love to bit, but I’m not sure when we’ll get back to Bangkok…

OK, not sure why I typed “David” as I know it’s actually “Austin”. My, I must be more hung-over than I thought…

anita: There’s no expiration date (just hope the winner’s visit coincides with my being in BKK!), but a group of more than four would be a strain on my finances!


Thanks for participating. Can you write up your prize in detail? We need to push some tickets, no?


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