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Melbourne bites

Posted date:  May 12, 2009

Fried Uighur-style noodles at 1+1 Dumpling Noodles, a Chinese restaurant in Footscray, Melbourne

In a good way, of course.

It only took me a couple of meals and a bit of exploring to come to the conclusion that Melbourne must be one of the best food cities, well, anywhere. The diversity of cuisine alone is astounding: authentic Vietnamese, Ethiopian, Lebanese, Chinese, Greek and Italian are all easily available. The city’s markets are fantastically well-stocked and vibrant. The coffee excellent. And there are meat pies. The only downside I can think of is cost, but this is largely based on my parsiminous Bangkok mindset, and reckon you’re more likely to find tastier and more varied budget eats in Melbourne than say, New York City or Paris.

I was fortunate enough to eat at two of the city’s upscale restaurants, Cutler & Co. and MoVida. We had a wonderful meal at the former, which had one of the most interesting dessert menus I’ve ever come across. Now, I’m normally not much of a sweets fan, but with creative and delicious sounding dishes as Ginger granita, coconut sorbet, fresh lychee; Toffee apple, fromage blanc, spiced short bread & cider jelly; Steamed pear & suet pudding, liquorice ice cream, confit lemon; and Chestnut ice cream, burnt butter cake, frozen chocolate crumbs & Cognac, ordering dessert was an imperative, not an option. My Chocolate ice cream sandwich, vanilla parfait & salted caramel was wonderful, but then again, I’d probably be happy with a plate of warm dirt as long as it was topped with salted caramel.

Cutler & Co.
55-57 Gertrude Street, Fitzroy, Melbourne
03 9419 4888

MoVida is a ridiculously popular tapas restaurant that normally requires reservations months in advance, but we were lucky enough to be able to slip in just before the place filled up on a wet and cold Sunday afternoon. L and I shared a dish of braised oxtail and ordered several great tapas including the wonderfully salty dish pictured below, “Hand filleted Cantabrian artisan anchovy on crouton with smoked tomato sorbet”:

Anchovy and tomato sorbet at Movida, Melbourne

1 Hosier Lane, Melbourne
03 9663 3038

But perhaps the most satisfying meal of my visit was the absolute antithesis of upscale and took the form of a grubby Chinese restaurant in Footscray called 1+1 Dumpling Noodles. The restaurant, which Phil has previously written about, has a largely predictable northern Chinese menu, but with a few obscure but delicious Uighur/Western Chinese dishes thrown in. These included la mian, the famous Uighur dish of hand-pulled noodles fried with lamb, bell pepper and tomato (shown at the top of this post), spice-dusted lamb skewers, and a deliciously tart and crispy cucumber salad:

Cucumber salad at 1+1 Dumpling Noodles, a Chinese restaurant in Footscray, Melbourne

1+1 Dumpling Noodles
84 Hopkins Street, Footscray, Melbourne
03 9687 8988

Between meals it was constant stream of excellent coffee and much-missed Western baked goods. My favourite place for both was Pellegrini, an old-school ‘espresso bar’ that is considered by many emblematic of 1950’s Melbourne. They also do a tasty apple strudel:

A short black and apple strudel at Pelligrini, Melbourne

66 Bourke Street, Melbourne
03 9662 1885

Slightly more refined pastries were available in the CBD:

Tarte au citron, Melbourne

and Acland Street in St. Kilda had a string of cake shops that looked impressive, but that were mostly hit and miss in terms of flavour:

A cake shop in St. Kilda, Melbourne

I particularly enjoyed the huge variety of tasty Greek and Turkish pastries:

Greek pastries, Melbourne

and of course, Aussie pies. The pie below was taken at Dinkum Pies, a rural Victoria bakery in the midst of upscale cafes on Block Place:

A beef pie at Dinkum Pies, Melbourne

Dinkum Pies
29 Block Place, Melbourne
03 9654 6792

We spent a morning wandering around the halls of Victoria Market, with me drooling at the Mediterranean-style dishes I could never even dream of getting in Bangkok:

Eats at Melbourne's Queen Vic Market

But this being Australia, we naturally settled on eating pies:

Pies at Melbourne's Queen Vic Market

And for some reason I felt compelled to order a comically immense bratwurst:

Me with an immense bratwurst I bought at Melbourne's Queen Vic Market

A fittingly greedy end to what was essentially an indulgent but tasty visit.

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finally had to write to say how much i have enjoyed reading your blog and pictures in the past.

it is an escape to SE asia everytime i have a read, while im sitting at my desk… in melbourne!

and it has taken your melbourne expose on melbourne for me to write. you captured it well. and from your list you did pick the eyes out of the best we have to offer.

glad you enjoyed!


I love being able to vicariously travel and feast on that the world has to offer through your blog. Awesome take on the flavors of Melbourne!

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Try here.


[…] Austin around did act as a handy reminder of the unparalleled diversity of food in Melbourne. I live in a […]

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While balanced funds secure b abscond with spot hazard, but also much less profit compared to funds which receive a breeding market aggressiveness. The pointing of a balanced cache is stout and long-term increasing the value of assets about investing them in securities with higher chance and securities with a abate consistent of risk. The mystery of this wherewithal is that the house sell during the bull call of the portfolio is working for the treatment of profits plunge during the wink scrap provides protection, around which we do not elude much.
It is merit to recognize what are the limits on investment funds chosen,
because the the right stuff gain ground is extremely dependent on the add up of shares in the investment portfolio.
If the divide up of stocks is large, the chances of a not bad outcome of the investment pleasure also
be philanthropic when [URL=http://nakredyt24.net.pl/2011/09/04/fundusze-]fundusze zr贸wnowa偶one[/URL] the place allows it. If we expect the crack-up, it is well-advised b wealthier to install less.
Investment limits are hugely diverse, representing illustration, the Sub-Fund Zr贸wnowazony, managed sooner than Accord Investment, allows instead of investments in equities from 20 to 80 percent, Pacemaker Balanced – up to 70 percent, and PKO / MERIT SUISSE Sustainable – up to 60 percent. Sub-Fund pass on Zr贸wnowazony greatest good during the grow, and during a achievable dip low investment limit on the bop knock over can be achieved equally good results. The downside is that a wide-ranging investment forks may be the agent of maladjustment to the expectations of the investment, and this means that the Sub-Fund during the bull market Zr贸wnowazony may seem impartiality bread or pelf of strong broadening

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Hi, we’re a snow removal company from Poland and this is our website 馃檪


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