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Melbourne, April 2009

Posted date:  May 8, 2009
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Walking along the cafes and restaurants of Cenre Place, a laneway in Melbourne

I recently spent three days in Melbourne, Australia shooting the photos for a magazine article about the city’s alleyways, arcades and lanes (an article on the same topic, written by Phil Lees, can be seen here). It was a fun assignment, and was also my first real chance to try out my new camera, a Nikon D700, and I have to say that I’m a satisfied customer. I think I rarely shot below ISO400, sometimes even shooting at ISO6400, getting excellent results nearly all the time. I love the feel of the camera, and appreciate the gigantic viewfinder. To view a slideshow of some random images from Melbourne, click on the image above — use keyboard arrows or hold your mouse above the images to navigate through them.

Comment for Melbourne, April 2009

Hey nice job. I’ve lived in Melbourne all of my 33 years and walked past all those locations; yet I’ve never really seen the beauty that you’ve managed to capture.

If you visit again, try Footscray, just west of the city centre. Its hustle and bustle and diverse population (African, Indochinese, Indian) make for some really interesting streetscapes.

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