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Media roundup

Posted date:  January 13, 2008


It’s been a busy holiday season:

Phil, of The Last Appetite, and I did a piece about Cambodia’s pepper (above) that is in the current issue of Chile Pepper.

I took the photos for a piece about dining in Bangkok in last month’s Olive.

I believe I have a piece about phat thai in the current issue of Intermezzo.

Here’s an interview (in French), with friend and photographer Eric Valli about our experience photographing bird nest gatherers in southern Thailand one year ago. His photos, including one that I took, were in a recent Paris Match.

And lastly, RealThai was mentioned in a recent New York Times piece on food in Bangkok.

3 Comments for Media roundup

Damn, you have been busy. I’m only involved in one of those things. Cheers.

Damm! You’re so hot!

I hope you had some nom naam daeng on hand to remove the taste of the Olive/BBC contract from your palate!

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