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Media roundup

Posted date:  August 24, 2009

Heaps of exposure this month: in addition to pieces in about four different in-flight mags, if you rush to your local bookist you can find two pieces I did in this this month’s Travel + Leisure Southeast Asia, including a roundup of the best places to get your khao soi on in Chiang Mai. I contributed a short piece on Bangkok eats to this month’s Saveur (there’s also a link on their website, courtesy of Bangkok-based scribe, Jarrett Wrisely). And finally, the 13th edition of Lonely Planet’s Thailand is now in shops. I did the Bangkok and Northern Thailand chapters, and am particularly proud of my work on the latter, having made the most significant changes to that chapter in a decade (I still have my copy of Thailand from my first visit in 1997).

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Bravo, especially on the LP updates (looking forward to that festival in November depicted on the new cover). It’s always entertaining to see how little the copy can change, even after a decade or more. Always nice to have the new maps, though. ;D

Congrats Austin,

hope all is well with you? We need to have a beer when I’m next back in bkk.

Congratulations Austin. Love you blog. I saw your piece in Saveur last week. The papaya salad photo looks so good. I can almost smell it.

good job austin. as i am planning my first trip to chiang mai i am really interested in reading the article on khao soi. any ideas where i can read the article here in the states?

Bra jobbat mannen!
Behöver jag slänga min gamla Thailand bok nu? Jag kan meddela att vi, nikos och fast eddie ska alla ha ett till barn! Så nästa gång vi ses blir det verkligen familytime..
Vi hörs!

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