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A market dinner

Posted date:  August 1, 2006

It’s Tuesday, and that means mini market night in my neighborhood. Not too much to choose from on Tuesdays–Saturday is big market day–but there is one lady selling decent northern Thai food, which is what I ended up choosing.

Many of you are familiar with laap (or laab or larb), but I doubt many of you have tried the northern version, laap khua:


Khua means fried, and in this dish ground pork, along with pork liver, heart, tripe, skin and intestines, are sauteed with a curry paste. The curry paste contains a dried herb called ma khwaen, which gives this dish a spicy “numbing” flavor, somewhat similar to Szechuan pepper.

With this I had the northern staple, nam phrik num:


A “dip” of grilled chilies, garlic, tomatoes and shallots eaten with deep-fried pork rinds:


and par-boiled and fresh veggies:


All of this was taken, as is the tradition, with sticky rice. A decent meal–and all for 45 baht ($1.25)!

4 Comments for A market dinner

Sawadee Khrap from up in Chiang Mai!

Your blog has done great things for my dinner plans over the past few months. It’s great just to get a reliable name for a dish, and a picture to go with it! I reccommend your blog to anyone who is interested in what real thai food is like.

BUT, here’s my suggestion and gripe, it would be even more helpful if you included addresses for the places you visit! Im in BKK fairly often and frequently find myself dumbstruck. I think your blog, if you thought of it in this way, could be the best culinary guide to Bangkok if it gave some more nitty gritty, where-it-is-and-how-to-get-there kind of info. (Maybe a mapping service like platial.com ?)

I love the site and I’m always excited when it pops up on my RSS reader. Take me with a grain of salt (or a healthy splash of naam pla)!

Thanks so much for the feedback. I fully agree with your suggestion, and have actually been meaning to do this for some time. I realize how silly it is to be so specific about dishes, but so vague about the restaurants! I’ll definately start including addresses and phone numbers, and will even try to do this for previously posted places when if I end up going back to the restaurant.

Thanks again!

chanced upon your blog. its really done up really nicely. Im a foodie blogger from singapore. I love thai food and bangkok. I added your blog as a link on mine. Hope you dun mind.

shaz: Of course I don’t mind, thanks. Cool entries from Saigon–a great food town. Are you familiar with http://www.noodlepie.com?

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