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The Magical World of Thai Baked Goods

Posted date:  March 27, 2006

Today’s journey through the world of bizarre Thai bread takes us to the local Yamazaki to visit our friend, Banana Ham Bun. Hey, there he is, say cheese!

As far as I can tell–and I actually tasted this one–Banana Ham Bun’s only connection to banana is its shape. The inside is filled with a slice of luncheon meat ham, and the top coated with a generous layer of “cheese”, as this close up reveals:

However, the thing that shocked me most about the Banana Ham Bun (other than the appalingly bad concept and lack of any banana flavour) was its greasiness. I normally try to handle these breads as little as possible, but in the course of actually consuming a small bit of this one, I actually had to touch it, and my fingers were almost instantly coated with gratuitous Banana Bun grease…

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Monsieur Austin,

I hereby award you the pklykoom medal of honour (third class) for exhibiting foolhardy bravery in the face of Thai irrationality.

Thank you, when will the ceremony take place? I’ll be sure to wear me cleanest shirt!

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