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Maan Mueng/Yaa Maeng Wai

Posted date:  January 7, 2008


I’ve mentioned this northern Thai restaurant suburban Bangkok previously, but after a recent meal, and now that I’m mapping restaurants, feel compelled to mention it again.

Perhaps I wasn’t so decisive about this before, but after my third visit, I’d say that this place serves the best northern Thai food I’ve eaten outside of the region. In fact, I’d wager that Maan Mueng puts out better northern Thai nosh than many restaurants in Chiang Mai! If you come during the day, the selection if huge, and you can just point to whatever looks good from the pots out front. It’s probably one of the only places in Bangkok where you can get seasonal dishes, such as the dish pictured above. It’s called yam phak hueat, and is made from sour-tasting leaf (phak hueat) that is minced and par-boiled before being mixed with a curry paste and some other herbs and seasonings. It may not look (or sound?) that pleasant, but was delicious.

Another fun dish was something of a northern Thai tempura; big green chilies stuffed with a delicious minced pork mixture, then battered and deep-fried:


But perhaps the coolest thing about Maan Mueng is the greens; there’s a vast table topped with bowls containing different veggies, leaves and herbs, many of which most Bangkok Thais wouldn’t even recognize:


A waitress warned me that one herb I chose would make my mouth numb. She was right.

Maan Mueng, which is also known as Yaa Maeng Wai, and which is now open evenings, recently moved a bit further up Ramkhamhaeng, and is now truly outside of the city, but is definitely worth a visit.

Maan Mueng/Yaa Maeng Wai (Google Maps link)
Ramkhamhaeng 162
8am-10pm (closed Tuesday)
081 913 3413/081 771 1708

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I’m up in Chiang Mai at the moment, just had kaeng phak heuat which is brothy, has some pork in it and the same leaves as yam phak heuat, which come from a big tree, btw. Absolutely one of my favorites of aahaan muang. Have found that the best Northern Thai food tends to come from the local to-go markets here in CNX rather than the restaurants, though obviously there are some very good restaurants too. Next time you go to Maan Mueng ask them for saa phak, which has all manner of local herbs and leaves (including mango leaves, which i see in your photo) made in the mortar and pestle with ground fish and etc. Actually, any of the dishes made that way: tam khanun, nam phrik num (try sai maengda-with beatle extract), saa phak, yam plaa thu, yam plaa rak, yam phak, saa yawt makham (similar to saa phak, but with the young leaves of the tamarind tree in season-unbelievably delicious), etc. I just had some of those fried chilies, phrik yat sai, at the small organic market near JJ Market yesterday morning. A good to go market up here is Talaat Tha Nin near the teacher’s college, and Talaat Ton Phayam near CMU on Suthep Road. Glad to know there is good Northern food in BKK!

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