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Link Love

Posted date:  August 4, 2006

Seems I was chosen as Blog of the Month at Thailand Voice. Only discovered this by accident. Why wasn’t I informed of this honor? And how do I now put their nifty banner on my blog? So many questions. Maybe I’m just not ready for this kind of fame.

Coming across the above site also led me to the previously unknown to me Thai food blog, Enjoy Thai Food. Some good info and nice wide-angle pics.

Another good Thailand-based blog is that of aspiring photographer, Gregoire Glachant. Unlike me this guy actually knows how to use his flash!

Despite being in San Francisco, FriskoDude has a knack for finding the most interesting news stories happening in Thailand.

Know of any other interesting Thailand-based blogs? There seem to be so few…

3 Comments for Link Love

Congrats and yeah im not sure anyone can handle the fame.

Does this mean you get discount when you shop now?

daniel: It’s tough, man. Just today people were freaking mobbing me on the street. Think I’m going to have to move to Laos.

Was checking out your site, are you a pro photographer?


Congratulations on being voted Thai Blog of the Month. It looks like you didn’t receive the email so I have sent it again. We give this award to blogs that we find inspirational. Our aim is to promote blogging in Thailand and your blog goes a long way to help raise the standard. I have personally enjoyed reading your blogs and viewing your photographs. I hope you continue with this for as long as you can.

You are welcome to use any of the banners at http://www.thailandvoice.com or just use a text link.

Looking forward to more blogs from you.

BTW, thanks for your comments on my Thai Food Blogs. I didn’t realize there was anyone else doing blogs on Thai food. Now that I have some “competition” I’d better pull out my finger and make a better effort in order to keep up with you. You are certainly leading the field.

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