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Posted date:  April 25, 2011


Just a quick note to share a couple blogs I’ve recently come across that focus on Thai cooking. She Simmers, written by a Thai woman based in Chicago, is far slicker than this blog will ever look (it even has its own t-shirts!) and has some good posts on the basic elements of Thai cookery. The intimidatingly-titled ThaiFoodMaster – the FoodMaster being a foreigner who’s lived in Thailand 20+ years and speaks Thai – has helpful step-by-step illustrations for most of its recipes, and videos for a handful of others. And if you’re interested in Burmese food, be sure to check out hsa*ba.

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I like She Simmers. She’s brainy and easy on the eye.

Thanks Austin, both recommendations are great, loved the step by step recipes at thaifoodmaster .

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