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Likhit Kai Yaang

Posted date:  November 4, 2007


Another day, another Bangkok food legend. Today’s gem is Likhit Kai Yaang, an ancient isaan restaurant next door to Ratchadamnoen Thai boxing stadium in Banglamphu. Likhit doesn’t appear to have changed much since its apparent grand opening in 1960-something, and is not unlike, I imagine, a Soviet-era mess hall. And as was probably the case with Soviet-era mess halls, I wouldn’t particularly advise looking into the cave-like kitchen.

Kai yaang means grilled chicken, and this is what people come here to eat. The birds (in this case kai baan, the Thai version of free range chicken) are first marinaded in a secret mixture, which I’m thinking must include at the least garlic, coriander seeds and/or roots and perhaps a bit of turmeric, before being grilled over coals outside the restaurant by an expert:


The result is a crispy skin redolent of the delicious marinade, and flesh that is tender and slightly smoky. Lovely indeed. Other than the restaurant’s namesake, Likhit also does the issan staples, including a delicious som tam:


tap waan, liver:


grilled catfish:


and tom saep, a spicy/sour issan-type tom yam:


All wonderful, in particular the som tam, but the chicken is the reason I’ll come back.

Likhit Kai Yaang (Google Maps link)
74/1 Thanon Ratchadamnoen Klang (next to the Thai boxing stadium)
02 281 1094

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Any ideas how the tap waan (liver) is made ?


OMG! This sooo reminds me of my days in Bangkok! I was working for the UN, which is located right across from Likhit. We often had a delightful lunch there with expat colleagues… ah, I wanna go back. I’m envious.

Tap waan? basically grilled liver – medium/raw. Then slice the grilled liver into strip. Mix with nam pla, lemon juice, ground chilii, roasted ground rice and herbs.

The grilled chicken and som tam look absolutely delicious!

I walk down to Pok Pok for the Kai Yaang and the som tam on a regular basis! You can, too, when you come back to Ptown!

You are so fortunate to be doing what you love where you are right now.

I ate there every day for years while at the UN and agree with your recommendation wholeheartedly. You forgot to mention how charming the lovely lady (widow of the sadly missed Mr Likhit himself) and her family are! They practically live in the place, with all the kids and grandkids running happily around, together with their couple of dogs. The upstairs burnt down in about 2002 one horrible night, and since then the roof has been in disrepair, with polythene sheets to keep (most of) the rain out. Hope they can manage to fix it sometime. There is a branch in a suburb on the Thonburi side where they all commute from since the fire, and another at See Yaek Or Sor Mor Tor in the eastern part of Bangkok.

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