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Lao is the new…

Posted date:  December 1, 2008
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 Going to market, Luang Prabang, Laos

well, I’m not exactly sure what, but it certainly is in the press lately. First of all, Saveur #115 has a feature piece on Lao food. I didn’t think the dishes profiled seemed particularly ‘Lao’, but I liked much of the photography.  And secondly, there’s a piece on the food of Luang Prabang in the December issue of Food and Travel, written and photographed by, uh, me. Sneak preview here.

Comment for Lao is the new…

WOW! Recognition at last! I’m kinda ambivalent about this recognition though. Being a Lao-American; raised not born, I’m at odds with this international spot light shining on an otherwise overlooked part of Southeast Asia. We usually tend to be overlooked. It’s usually ever Thai or Viet, even Cambo…but never do you get the Lao in there. I’m a bit embittered by the lack of response or interest, but now that the world seeks another cultural/culinary/undiscovered aspect to siphon inspiration from I kinda don’t want it to be us…Lao and Proud! Go ELEPHANTS! LOL. just kidding. I can’t wait until we become a tourist deathtrap like Thailand. Come! Visit! Leave your shiny, shiny coins in our coffers.

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