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Posted date:  August 19, 2010


It figures that, just as soon as I mention in a public forum that khao soi in Bangkok is rare and generally not very good, I’m told of a tasty and conveniently-located vendor.

Lamyai, about which I was told by my buddy R, is a lunchtime open-air stall that serves khao soi and kuaytiaw muu tun (noodles with braised pork) just off Thanon Lang Suan in central Bangkok:


Arriving recently with Andy Ricker, chef/owner of Portland, Oregon’s Pok Pok and accredited khao soi assessor, it was soon clear to us that, for Bangkok at least, this is a khao soi worth seeking out. Served with chicken, pork or beef (the latter of which is pictured above), we both found the broth satisfyingly rich and hearty, although Andy pointed out that it lacks the dried spice complexity of a truly great bowl. Lamyai appears to make for this in volume and good quality noodles and condiments, and I reckon you’d be hard-pressed to find a bowl of khao soi this solid anywhere in central Bangkok.

Soi 6, Thanon Lang Suan
9am-2pm Mon-Fri

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6 Comments for Lamyai

Austin – I wanted to let you know that there is a very good Chinese Muslim Khao Soi place not far from Tewet Market at 238 Samsen St., near the intersection of Samsen and Wisutkasat street called “Khao Soi Supap”. It is on Samsen Road (the west side) facing east, not far from the Bank of Thailand.

Photo here (among many other photos):

Its a bit of a walk from the Khaosan area and doesn’t get many tourists. Strictly local. Very good.

Keep up the great work.

I’ve tried Lamyai’s Khao Soi with chicken today First time i eat that thing, and I’ll it again for sure!

Thanks for the tip. 🙂

Good kao soi is also sold in the food court of pantie plaza and in the ground floor of fortune mall, in the boat noodle resturant. Enjoy

Thanks for the tip, Austin. Excited to try it.


My buddy R, a self-professed “slut for shout-outs,” also known as “Richard Hermes of 76/1 Langsuan Ambassador’s Court Ploenchit Bangkok 10330 conveniently located directly across from that nice little khao soi joint, tel. 888-555-1234,” suggested the following edit:

“…my *beloved* buddy R.”

Couldn’t find Lamyai in Soi 6 this week.

Do you know if it still exist? Thanks.

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