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Krua Apsorn

Posted date:  May 25, 2009

Crab meat stir-fried with yellow chili oil, Krua Apsorn, Bangkok

I’ve previously blogged about the other location of this restaurant, but the original branch, located near the National Library, is apparently the more famous of the two, and has hosted the likes of the Thai royal family and was previously named as one of the Bangkok Post’s best restaurants in Bangkok a few years back. Because of these accolades, the place has a something of a reputation, and some visiting friends were keen on stopping by.

At my last visit, nobody was interested in ordering the most expensive item on the menu: crab fried in yellow chili oil (pictured above). I finally got my chance and quite enjoyed the dish, particularly its generous chunks of crab and its pleasantly oily texture.

Once again we ordered the house special dork khajorn, a type of domestic flower, flash-fried with minced pork and oyster sauce:

Flowers stir-fried with minced pork and oyster sauce, Krua Apsorn, Bangkok

Hock ordered miang khanaa, expecting it to be served in the traditional manner with bai miang (sometimes known as wild tea leaf):

Miang khanaa, Krua Apsorn, Bangkok

but as the name suggests, the dish is served here with the crispy, slightly bitter leaves of khanaa, Chinese kale.

One of the best dishes of the meal was mussels fried (or were they steamed?) with fresh herbs:

Mussels flash-fried with fresh herbs, Krua Apsorn, Bangkok

I think it was the first time either Hock or I had eaten tender, perfectly-cooked mussels in Thailand.

And finally I ordered the house green curry with freshwater fish dumplings:

Green curry with fish dumplings, Krua Apsorn, Bangkok

The curry itself was pleasantly bland (as is the intent), but the fish balls were rubbery and flavourless.

I think we all felt it was generally a solid, satisfying meal, as is the case with of much of the Thai food in Bangkok nowadays, but nothing profoundly delicious or revelatory (which is also the case with much of the food in Bangkok).

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Krua Apsorn
Th Samsen (near corner with Soi 9)
02 668-8788, 02 241 8528
10.30am-7.30pm Mon-Fri,10.30am-6pm Sat, closed Sun

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4 Comments for Krua Apsorn

ok I am green with envy

I just had tagleatelle with smoked trout, dill, chilli, lemon, garlic and fresh goats cheese for lunch

so there

Well, Hock was there, and he can vouch that it was a decent, but unspectacular meal. Today’s meal w/ David (Hock didn’t take part in this one) was much better — will blog on it soon.

And re. your simple pasta dish, there’s no need to be ashamed; all of us occasionally succumb to the desire to eat rustic peasant fare.

Heh heh….

EVERYTIME I go to Bangkok I go here, Khun Ning from Khao Cooking School (where we met) brought me there the first time. Aroy maak maak

I put in a comment at your earlier post…this is one fantastic meal. I also had similar dishes as you ordered.


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