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Kok Kaat

Posted date:  January 4, 2008


Curries are a big deal in Kanchanaburi. People in this province love them, and love lots of them. I saw a restaurant in Thong Phaa Phoom district advertising 100 dishes. You can recognize such restaurants by the stainless steel pots out front. Other than curries, you’ll also find soups, stir-fries and other dishes. Understandably, it’s a big decision:


Finding myself both in Kanchanaburi and hungry, I was lucky to find Ko Kaat, a roadside stall boasting 39 dishes. After lifting about 20 lids, my partner in eating, Aong and I finally rounded it down to four dishes. Unfortunately, Kok Kaat appears to favour quantity over quality, and the dishes were had were average, although not bad. These included a pretty good tom yam het, mushroom tom yam:


and kaeng khii lek, a curry made from a bitter leaf:


For a few more pics, see the slideshow here.

Kok Kaat (Google Maps link)
211/1 Th Saengchuto, Kanchanaburi
034 512481

2 Comments for Kok Kaat


Haa, really miss that. You made me homesick and “foodsick” again ;P

ps. หิวเลย (heew-lei) mean “just hungry”

Wow you make a Thai hungry. I could never leave Thailand. The food is to good. I ate at McDonalds one time and got so sick.

I will start taking more tourist to these wonderful restaraunts and food stalls.


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