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Ko Tek Chiang 3

Posted date:  June 25, 2009

A bowl of nuea toon, braised beef, at Ko Tek Chiang 3, a restaurant outside Bangkok

Vegetarians, cover your eyes: this is a particularly flesh-laden post. But in its defense I’d have to say that Ko Tek Chiang 3 is one of the best uses of meat that I’ve encountered in a long time.

The flesh in question is in the form of toon, a Chinese-style slow braise:

Making nuea toon, braised beef, at Ko Tek Chiang 3, a restaurant outside Bangkok

It’s a simple dish, consisting of cuts of pork or beef simmered until tender and served with a seasoned broth, a pinch of veggies and, if desired, rice.

We stuck with the nuea toon, beef (shown at the top of this post). The slices you see at the top of the bowl are tongue, which have their own particular meaty flavour and were virtually fall-apart tender. Below that you’ll find bits of beef similar to the Vietnamese-style corned beef one finds in pho, and the Thai favourite, big strips of gelatinous tendon. The broth has a pleasant amber colour and is peppery to the point of being spicy. The dish is truly, meatily wonderful, but, in what must be the proprietor’s bizarre inside joke, is served with some of the worst rice I’ve encountered anywhere in Thailand.

The other downside: Ko Tek Chiang 3 is located way out in Muang Thong Thani. The “3” in the name implies that there are two branches elsewhere, but they have no business card so I wasn’t even able to establish an accurate address for this one. The Google Map location below, pinpointed with the consul of my iPhone, should be accurate though.

But it’s worth the drive for the tongue alone.

Ko Tek Chiang 3
Bond St., Muang Thong Thani

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5 Comments for Ko Tek Chiang 3

Austin, you are making a mostly veggie like me drool!!

I’m also a mostly reluctant meat-eater, but this place was really good…

oh is that my Dad’s tongue place? So many broken promises, he never took me there like he promised or to the goose feet noodle place or the duck noodle place in St Louis

Yup, that’s it… And last night he took us out to Chinatown. I think he likes me more.

I know I heard you had another food tour together last night, well looks like you now have a new eating pal in Bangkok, if hanging out with middle aged Chinese men is your schtick

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