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Ko Lun

Posted date:  November 12, 2007


Something of a mini Southeast Asian food bloggers summit was held a couple weeks ago here in Bangkok. This involved Hock of Gut Feelings, Phil formerly of Phnomenon and currently The Last Appetite, and me of here, and any day now, Gut Feelings. Aided with my in-depth Bangkok food experience, as well as a handy illustrated map provided by food-blogger-in-spirit Aong, we attacked Thanons Tanao and Mahanop, leaving nary a crumb behind.

I’ve mentioned most of our stops in previous posts, so I’ll just touch the one new place I visited, Ko Lun. Directed by Aong’s map, we entered Thanon Mahanop and turned right at the fat dog:

Maa Uan

and started with the recommended khanom jeen hailam, Hainan-style noodles (pictured above). The dish took the form of a clear, rather bland broth, with hearty udon-like noodles, and deep-fried and par-boiled pork, and oddly, toasted sesame seeds. It wasn’t much to write home about until you added the tiny bowl of seasoned shrimp paste, an unusual but tasty condiment for a noodle dish.

The restaurant’s other signature dish is goat stewed in red sauce:


It was good–although perhaps not as flavourful as the deeply-coloured broth would suggest. The goat was still pretty tough, and was supplemented with tofu skin and offal:


The dish was served with rice and two dipping sauces, one very much like the spicy/sour Thai seafood dipping sauce, another of finely shredded dried galangal that I found absolutely delish.

Despite the big names and egos involved, it was an enjoyable day, and the Summit went generally well until Phil unsuccessfully tried to score us a free meal by promising to blog on the restaurant (‘Do you know who I am? No? Does a little thing called Phnomenon ring a bell? Bitch…’).

Ko Lun (Google Maps link)
Thanon Mahanop
089 010 2123

10 Comments for Ko Lun

did it really say “turn right at the fat dog”

That made me giggle and that sure is one fat ass dog

No, actually I made that bit up, but the dog was really pictured on the map and is just a few steps from the restaurant.

The part about Phil, on the other hand, is entirely true.

And I just want to add, damn your profile pic is creepy.

The dog was on the map??? I guess its so fat that it probably doesn’t move much.

yeah, I know I look creepy

It’s Reagan from the Exorcist…if you want to know why…ask Paul

also when are you going to Melbourne and how long will you be there for?

Yep – my blogging is completely about extorting free goat meals from poor street vendors. First you get the money, then you get the power, then you get the goat. Biatches.

I can also vouch for Austin that the dog was on his map. I suspect that it can’t move any more, so it serves as a great sign post.

I think you should scan a copy of the map, replete with fat dog sign post, and blog it for all the world to see and use as reference point.

Fat is an understatement! What is “Gut Feelings”?

How do these dogs get so fat? There was one sleeping (or passed out) on the steps of the BTS this afternoon, and I was almost unable to climb over it.

Also, beautiful photos- even of the morbidly obese dog. -X

Love the fat dog! It’s funny in India when you ask for direction they’ll direct you either to the School Master (principal) or tell you to turn left at some tree and then go on to invite you to their place for dinner on your return trip. Asia is wonderful like that!

your blog makes me jealous, wish i could be back in the bkk taking pretty photos in daylight instead of thai food cooked in my light-less nyc apartment.

re: the prev. post about roti mataba- don’t care that guidebooks have made it trendy, still SOOOO good. made my vegetarian friend eat chicken, i kid you not.

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