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Khun Daeng

Posted date:  May 21, 2009

A bowl of kuay jap yuan, a Vietnamese-style noodle soup, Bangkok

Khun Daeng, originally brought to my attention by diligent foodsleuth Nong A, is a tiny restaurant that serves an equally tiny repertoire of dishes. The emphasis is on kuay jap yuan, a noodle soup of partial Vietnamese origin that combines several kinds of pork including ribs, ground pork and muu yo, the smooth, peppery Vietnamese pork sausage. The nooodles used are made from rice flour and dusted with another type of flour, the latter of which provides the broth with a thick, slightly gelatinous texture. It’s the kind of Vietnamese-Thai dish one finds in the towns along the Mekong River such as Mukdahan or Nong Khai. Khun Daeng also does a tasty-looking yam of muu yor.

Khun Daeng
28 Th Phra Athit
085 246 0111
11am-10pm Mon-Sat

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2 Comments for Khun Daeng

I found this place by accident. Stepped off the ferry boat and it started pouring rain, so we jumped in here for a bowl of soup and we had the yum moo yo salad too — pleasantly surprised.

I thought the broth was good, and the overall flavor excellent. The moo yo pepper sausage wasn’t my favorite though.

I saved the card from the place (all in Thai) and did a reverse lookup on the phone number to get your page and the name of the restaurant.

    I had a mission in Banglamphu, to buy some curry pastes for Thai friends in Seattle from the Nitthaya Curry Paste shop, so I decided to have lunch at Khun Daeng’s and try the Guay Jap. The location on Google Maps showed it on the wrong part of the street, but I persevered by asking vendors on the sidewalk and found the restaurant (I speak Thai). Khun Daeng couldn’t have been nicer. Not only did I need lunch, but I also needed to buy some Thai flags as well as the curry pastes, and after eating his son put me on the back of a motorbike and took me to a flag shop and the curry shop.
    The soup was wonderful, and Khun Daeng and his family were yet more so! I have a happy memory to last me the rest of my days. It’s a small shop on the street just across from where you emerge from the Phra Athit aka Banglamphu river taxi pier. Give them your business and enjoy your meal.

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