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Khrua Thalay

Posted date:  September 17, 2007


On Sunday I was lucky enough to go to a new place with some new friends. New Friend #1 Hock spent several years on the professional banana boat circuit, but after a near-fatal collision with a dolphin, is currently flipping burgers at an anonymous Bangkok restaurant. His wife, and New Friend #2 Maytel is a self-confessed full-time blogger (Half Asian Tourist, Gut Feelings) and part-time academic. And there was New Friend #3, who I will refer to as New Friend #4, and who, although it’s only marginally relevant, somehow reminded me of Australian chef David Thompson.

The new place was Mae Phim Beach in Rayong. In the Thai tradition, half of the beach is devoted to fresh seafood shacks, one of which, Khrua Thalay, Hock and Maytel had been to a few times previously. Rummaging though glass cases of live seafood, Hock chose Moreton Bay bugs, which our lovely chefstress suggested deep-frying with garlic:


Very nice, and actually a first for me.

Somebody wanted whelks (pictured above), another novelty for me–I had only known them as hoy waan. We had grilled, and dipped into the famous Thai seafood dipping sauce, they were wonderful.

I ordered hoy phat chaa:


clams fried with fresh herbs, including garlic, kaffir lime leaf, holy basil and krachaay. The clams were just done, and the balance of flavours nearly perfect.

Hock ordered plaa kraphong, seabass that was splayed and marinated with fish sauce before being deep-fried and served with a green mango dressing:


The fish was slightly salty and the salad provided the sweet and sour. There was balance.

And along with balance there was also a generous portion of fried rice with crab:


A lovely meal and a lovely day.

Khrua Thalay Seafood
Mae Phim Beach
07 138 7598

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arrghhhhh, you used our real names. Now we will have to kill you and the witness protection agency is very very upset, we may even have to be relocated to a new undisclosed location.

BTW It’s “Half Asian Tourist”

I thought Hock’s real name was Jamaal? Oops, now I’ve revealed even more…

I recognise those people behind their poor choice of pseudonym. I believe that Hock briefly spent some time at Steve Irwin’s Australia Zoo, training to be a Snake Master.

Rumour has it he failed his Snake Master test, which is why he’s now flipping burgers at Bed.

I have had a lot of seafood of different kinds, but I haven’t had the snails and the bay bugs…the latter looks really appealing to me, sort like a lobster, but it looks like the flesh is not that rubbery/chewy. I wonder if they taste like langoustines?

read and looked at the pics from work… it’s such a torture… 🙂 looks yummy.

looking at all the food pics just make me wanna rush to the nearest Thai restaurant n hav a big feast there =) the pipies look delicious!

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