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Khao mok @ Thewet

Posted date:  March 31, 2011


I thought I was done with khao mok (biryani), but recently while in the Thewet area I encountered a couple more places selling the dish.

Suwim is a proper shophouse restaurant that sells a very standard Bangkok-style take on khao mok kai (shown above): rice with very little dried spice flavour served with an exceedingly sweet dipping sauce.

Although inoffensive, it’s not really worth seeking out.

Better yet, go around the corner to Ran Khao Mok Kai Lek, which although it’s located on the street, serves a more interesting version:


The rice, which they claim to cook using an old recipe, is slightly moist, with a subtle dried spice flavour. I chose to go with deep-fried chicken, which was crispy and tasty, if a bit dry. If you visit at lunch, you can expect a line here; the tart chicken and beef soup are as popular as the khao mok.

Khao Mok Kai Suwim
cnr Th Sam Sen & Th Krung Kasem
Breakfast & lunch

Ran Khao Mok Kai Lek
Th Krung Kasem
Breakfast & lunch

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2 Comments for Khao mok @ Thewet

Austin – Thanks for the tips on Khao Mok. I wanted to mention (and recommend) that the Abu Ibrahim restaurant up in Sapaan Kwai on Pradipat Road has a really good Khao Mok Plaa, with a nice cutlet of fish hidden underneath a very light, fluffy South Asian style biryani. If you are ever up in the area, its worth checking out. Keep up the great work.

Austin, Austin, Austin, why do you do this to me. I read your entries and dream of being back in our beloved BKK slogging around on foot up and down streets looking to stumble on the amazing food that BKK does so well – I am envious to say the least. Keep posting and keep me happy mate. Kop Khun Krap

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