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K. Phanich

Posted date:  October 30, 2007


Mango and sticky rice is, like phat thai and tom yam, one of the few Thai dishes foreigners seem to be familiar with even before arriving in Thailand. On Khao San Road there are even a couple mobile mango sticky rice carts that wander up and down the streets, scavenging for hungry new arrivals. I haven’t tried these carts, but doubt they’re anywhere as good as the stuff sold literally across the way at K. Phanich.

K. Phanich only sells khao niaow moon, sweetened sticky rice, and a few other sweet/savoury toppings; if you want to eat your rice with mango you can buy one from the woman waiting patiently out front. We arrived late in the day and she apologized several times that she only had slightly sour mangoes left. She choose what she reckoned to be the sweetest one and proceeded to peel and slice it for us:


K. Phanich has no seating, so we took our booty to the shop next door (another interesting place that I’ll blog about next) where, after ordering a few more things to eat, we combined about half of the sticky rice with the mangoes, poured over the still-warm salty-sweet coconut dressing, and sprinkled the lot with the crispy dried peas (the peas don’t provide much taste, but provide the dish a wonderfully crunchy texture). The mango was slightly sour, but I thought it was a pleasant counterpoint to the very sweet rice and sauce. This dish, like many other Thai desserts, also has a slightly salty flavour, and is best eaten slightly warm, which really allows the bizarre but delicious salty/sweet combo. to shine.

If you’d like to try to make this dish at home, here’s a recipe from Pim.

K. Phanich
431-433 Thanon Tanao
02 221 3554

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I hope that next post will be on Poj Spa Karn? Plenty of photos please, for those of us unable to partake….

austin, we’ve never met but i hear about you from our mutual friend newley. i love k. phanich, i was just writing about it, too! we bought bags and bags of the sticky rice once for a party but, unfortunately, found it is one of those things that is way better if you eat it right away!

Your blog is very nice!

this is my ultimate favorite Thai dessert!

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