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I’ll eat just about anything

Posted date:  February 19, 2009

 Tinned beef curry at Mae Hong Son's market

but I think I might have to draw the line at Mr Cooker brand tinned beef curry from Myanmar.

Although I reckon it can’t be much worse than the canned chili I grew up eating?

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Austin, thanks for the excellent blog. You are a true Gastronaut (a person who’d taste just about anything, excluding Burmese beef curry 🙂

Send me a can – I’ll eat it 😉

dude-canned curry?! in thailand?! that’s blasphemy man
AND its burmese

There is something in me that loves that they put a picture of a dairy cow on the can.

I want to buy this beef curry canned from myanmar can you please send me this website and how to buy it?

I live in nakhon sawan province but am from the uk.
I grew up eating Bangladeshi food.. and I must say that as curries go.. this is the closest thing ive tasted to authentic Bangladeshi curry.
I can buy it at a tiny Burmese store in nakhon sawan city for a mere 60 baht

Give it a go.. you wont be disappointed

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