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If you can’t stand the heat,

Posted date:  March 5, 2009

Pha Bong Hot Springs, outside Mae Hong Songet out of the hot spring. Or to put it in my context, leave Mae Hong Son. This was done with a great deal of reluctance, but it was beginning to get intolerably hot and smoky, a profound change from the first two weeks of my stay when I had to wear a fleece jumper and thick socks until lunch. One sign of the impending hot season is the floating restaurants that go up on the Mae Nam Pai:Floating restaurants on the Pai River, Mae Hong SonAnd now I’m back home in hot, sweltering Bangkok, although yet again in transition: tomorrow I’m off to Bangladesh (!) for a week and after that, will be in Phuket for a few days. An almost perverse contrast in destinations, for sure. Depending on the Internet situation in Bangladesh, I’ll try to do some blogging, but can’t make any promises.And lastly, I’ve entered a contest/marketing ploy for a prize to embark on my photographic ‘Dream Assignment’. My dream assignment?  Collaborating with a talented writer to document Thailand’s regional cuisines in the form of a website and/or book. Details can be seen here. And if you really care, PIC me while there, ensuring that I’ll make it to the final round of 20.

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Bon voyage, Austin. And stay out of water with tall heat …

The contest sounds cool, but did you notice the fine print? Winner must be a resident of the US….

[…] Austin Bush and I have been throwing around ideas for new projects for a while but the one that that seems to have most resonance is chasing down regional Thai food. Sure, there’s Thai food cookbooks aplenty, but few (if any) that contextualise Thai food into regions. There’s a competition on at the moment, throwing around money at a photo comp that could fund such a project. […]

Hey man, you may want to do SOME research before you go around calling this as BAngladeshi Food! All of this are INDIAN

I saw the results of the contest, and my reaction to the winners selected was ‘for the love of g*d!’. You wuz robbed, man. Is there anything more visually contentless than ‘hope’?

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