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Just a few of the options at Khao Tom 24, a restaurant serving Thai/Chinese cuisine in Yaowarat, Bangkok's Chinatown

then stop by my exhibition, The Last Chinatown, which begins tomorrow, December 6th, at Kathmandu Gallery in Bangkok.

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Comment for If you can’t make it to Bangkok’s Chinatown for dinner

Hi Austin,

Great stuff, magnifcent cultural resource. Thank you for making all of this available in such a beautiful format. One comment: Your old site had an invaluable feature in the form of your own recipes, plus a search engine that pulled up some favorites like “here’s how a professional does phat thai”. This feature(s) seems not to be accessible in the new version.

A minor cavil! But would it be possible for your fans to continue to search through the old site as well, instead of being compulsorily redirected to the new? If there is a simple option of choosing to remain on that site and mining it treasures , where YOU need NOT have to do ANYTHING very complicated. Just insert a YES/NO option perhaps?

I searched for the wonderful phat thai entry in the new set up, just to have the pleasure of re-visiting an old friend, as I do many times your khao mok entries. Sadly, no matter how many variants were attempted, spellings included, that particular post never showed up on the new site. Khao kluuk kapi, yes, but never the PT!! Yet I know where it is on the old site, but whenever I try to tarry there, I am shooed over to your fantastic new one by an over-zealous electronic nanny.


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