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Posted date:  May 18, 2006

Can anybody recommend a site that offers a good tutorial on how to change my template using HTML? I’d like to do some very basic things to this blog (make a lefthand sidebar, pull the right sidebar over where it should be) but can’t figure out how. I’ve been looking at the source code of other blogs, but haven’t been able to apply them to mine without messing everything up! Any help/advice would be appreciated greatly…

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I am not much help but from experience, it takes way too long to learn the codes for one’s own use. I wasted a whole weekend trying to tincker with mine, to little avail.

So in the end, I used:


It’s really fantastic. My site only cost $USD30. I esp. recommend Lindsey (http://portfolio.triplelproductions.com/), who did mine.

Good luck!

Thanks, all. I’ll look into everything, and hopefully you’ll see some changes here soon!


You might check out the archives at Food Blog S’cool, a blog for food bloggers to share tips, problems and advice on blogging.

I learn a lot by reading your blog — the photographic instruction guides are a great thing.

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