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Guilty pleasures

Posted date:  January 22, 2008


Lest you think it’s all famous restaurants and ancient recipes for me here in Bangkok, I do enjoy (relatively) trashy food once in a while. This desire usually manifests itself early in the morning, when I’m on my way to Chinatown to take photos. Stopping by Hua Lamphong, the city’s main train terminal, I beeline to the snacks shown above. The waffle-like pastry above is in fact, cleverly known as The Waffle (motto: “Enjoy your life enjoy your waffle”). Lately I’ve been opting for sesame-salt flavour, but I’m also an firm supporter of rum-raisin. A hunk of The Waffle is best enjoyed with a steaming paper cup of espresso from Black Canyon (motto: “A drink from paradise… available on Earth”), a bargain at 50 baht.

And if there was any additional need to justify my decision, here’s the view at Hua Lamphong:

(For a larger version of this pic, go here.)

Friend and fellow blogger Newley Purnell is also a big player on the Bangkok waffle scene. He has been known to down one or two The Waffles, but is probably most recognized for his promotion of that ancient Thai snack dish, the waffle-coated hot dog.

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Great post, Austin. I’d searched for The Waffle’s Web site before and come up empty-handed. Glad to have such a wonderful resource at my finger-tips now. The Waffle lovers of the world, unite! 🙂

I too indulge in The Waffle! I usually go for almond.

I haven’t had one of those waffles in a few months- but the sesame is a good choice. -X

The first thing that I was keen to eat when I hit BKK after a month in Vietnam was Dunkin’ Donuts. I still don’t know why.

Of course I will never EVER be able to afford to go to Asia, but I simply adore chinese food. AND, I am a PROFESSIONAL CHEF from Brooklyn, NY, now living in a trailer park in Clearwater, Florida . . . (some legal problems you understand).

So, I think I am going to try to make some of the waffles.

Normally, the only food that I and my boyfriend “Big Bear” have in restaurants is pizza.

Of course, we eat ONLY gourmet pizza from places like the POINTE here in Florida. You can read where I recommended pizza on SeriousEats where I am a senior advisor to Mr. Ed Levine, who is one my heroes.

Otherwise we just cook pasta bake, beans, and muskrat stew here in the trailer house.

My other hero is DAVID LISKE, a naval hero who lives in Luna Pier where his wife is the mayor of Michigan. And they eat BOWLS and BOWLS of muskrat stew.

But I am off topic, please excuse me. Your waffle post is great. And since I am a really nice person, I am going to check it out.

I found Black Canyon’s espresso to be some of the worst in Thailand, which is unfortunate given their ubiquity. I definitely got spoiled in Chiang Mai with the amazing little independent coffee boutiques, especially Wawee coffee. I never tried any of the Hua Lamphong waffles, however, only taking a couple trips on the trains in Bangkok. I did eat plenty of roti though, always with bananas, but I wish I’d tried them with the sweet curries while we were down south.

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