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From Pratu Chiang Mai to Portland

Posted date:  August 30, 2011

This previously-mentioned photo panorama taken in Chiang Mai (click here for a larger version):


has now been installed here:


inside Portland, Oregon restaurant, Pok Pok Noi. Has anybody in Portland been by to see it yet?

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I was in PDX for a visit this summer and a friend and I stopped in for a late lunch. We ate in the patio, a covered patch behind the restaurant off the parking lot. 

The menu is pretty much a pared down version of the original Pok Pok’s offerings. We had the sticky spicy fried chicken, addictively tasty but way sweeter than it needed to be, even by sugar-happy Thai standards. The mushrooms we ordered packed all the flavors you’d expect from an Isaan-inspired dish. Fresh and spicy and tangy, they were the best thing on the table. Oddly the special of roast game hen with a side of somtam was our least interesting order. Next to the bold tastes of the other dishes the salad was seriously under-seasoned. The bird had taste but was dried out, clearly a case of “here’s one we made earlier”. Maybe it would have been better if we’d arrived during the lunch rush when they were fresh out of the oven. We washed everything down with Thai iced tea.

Pok Pok Noi didn’t blow me away in the way that my one trip to Pok Pok did last year, when only the chilly, damp weather ruined the illusion of being back in Bangkok. But it’s still a notch above many run-of-the-mill Thai places and if you happen to be in this noi corner of Portland, you could do much worse. Just ask if the hens are fresh off the rotisserie and be prepared to splash your own naampla around, as needed.

Oh, right, you were asking about your photo, not the food.

Based on what I see on my computer, it’s great, and really captures the spirit of heading out to the rotkhen for a bite to eat. But to be completely honest, I don’t remember seeing it in the restaurant. Was it up in July? It was dark, the day was hot and we were in a rush to sit down and start enjoying our cool drinks… Excuses, excuses! But the picture of it in situ makes it looking striking. Bravo!

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